What students have to say:

“My tutor was and still is a great tutor. He helped me get through the rough work I used to have trouble on. He’s like the best friend I could ever have. He taught me a lot about literature that I didn’t even know until he filled me in and helped me discover these new techniques and ways. My work at school is easier than it was now that he has helped me. He’s always someone I can call on.”

– 9th Grader, Mt. Zion High School (Clayton County)

“My math tutor made learning fun! Ever since she came, math was easier. Now, I like math. My grades have improved from a 60-something to a 95– A!”

– 6th Grader, Smitha Middle School (Cobb County)

Thank you, Vision Tutoring, for helping me with my problems in school. I did not know until this day that I am successful!

– 6th Grader, Lovejoy Middle School (Clayton County)


What Stakeholders have to say:

“I had the opportunity to monitor and observe the vast majority of providers (approximately 90) during my five years with the GaDOE. Vision Tutoring was clearly one of the best approved providers in the entire state. I wholeheartedly  endorse Vision Tutoring as a company that could assist a school in improving the academic outcomes for its students with the greatest academic needs.”

– J.M., former GA DOE Title I Program Specialist


What Parents have to say:

“My daughter has benefited so much from this tutoring. She has more confidence in herself and is willing to work harder and strive for more. She excelled with her academics this year, maintaining an A-B status. Vision Tutoring has been a wonderful experience for my daughter, and I recommend them to everyone. Clayton County needs to have Vision Tutoring listed as the #1 Tutoring Service for the county!”

– E.B., Clayton County

“My little brother’s tutor has the ability to connect with him. Previous teachers and tutors lacked this innate ability. He is not a motivated student; however, she tapped into his learning potential, teaching him things that I have always settled to believe he would just not learn. Her teaching ability is a special gift.”

– J.M., Gwinnett County

“My child’s tutor is one that you can fall in love with being around your child. She’s animated, and my child loves that about her. Her methods and style keep him on task. This is a tough community with challenges that can’t be controlled at times, but she manages to make a difference! We are blessed for the time we had with her.”

– B.M., DeKalb County

“I have had the pleasure of working with a Vision Tutor for the last three months. She has been more than just a tutor. She has been an inspiration to my son’s learning. He took the Language Arts High School Graduation Test on Monday, and I didn’t even get a chance to ask him how he felt about the test before he told me that he understood a lot more because of his tutor. She demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose while working with my son. She takes pride in teaching her students and has a charming attitude and a heart of GOLD.”

– A.B., DeKalb County

“I’m very pleased with Vision Tutoring and this staff of tutors. They are professional, and they are truly in the business of uplifting our children. I look forward to their services next school year.”

– B.M., DeKalb County